Full Report

The Department of State Development, Business and Innovation has been tracking community attitudes to and engagement with science since its benchmark study in 2007, conducted by Quantum Market Research. The 2011 study has been conducted by Sweeney Research.

Community Interest and Engagement with Science and Technology in Victoria 2011 tracks changes in community attitudes and engagement against the 2007 benchmark study. The 2011 study seeks to understand:

  • Community attitudes towards science and technology
  • Engagement with science and technology and drivers and barriers for engagement
  • Information sources relating to science and technology and their influence and perceived reliability
  • Community perspectives on future directions and investment

The full 2011 report includes:

  • Background in the area of ‘Science and the Public’ research and international experience in this field
  • Research objectives and methodology
  • Detailed quantitative and qualitative findings and segmentation profiles, case studies and factor analysis
  • Appendices containing
    - Demographic profiles: 2007 vs. 2011
    - Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) on key questions
    - Fieldwork materials (the 2011 CATI questionnaires)
    - 2011 data tables with comparisons to 2007 data and split by segment (for 2011)

Download The Community Interest and Engagement with Science and Technology 2007 report and the At a glance overview. Find more information about using the reports and data here.