Interest and Engagement

The 2011 and 2007 surveys questioned Victorians about:
  • Their level of interest in science and technology
  • The reasons behind their interest or lack of interest
  • Their curiosity about the way things work
  • The characteristics of their searching for and receiving information about science and technology
  • Their appetite for new technologies
  • Their desire to be involved in policy decisions relating to science and technology
  • How well informed they feel about science, technology and the way they are regulated
  • The relationship between science, technology and society

Key findings from the 2011 study include:
  • Almost three quarters of Victorians (73%) describe themselves as very or quite interested in science, up from 66% in 2007
  • Nearly nine in ten Victorians (86%) say they are very or quite interested in technology, consistent with 2007
  • An increased proportion of Victorians in 2011 actively search for science and technology information than in 2007 (60% compared to 50%). Of those in 2011 that actively search, 72% do so at least weekly.

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