Controlling Science and its Use

The 2007 and 2011 surveys questioned Victorians about:
  • The need to control science and technology
  • The most appropriate parties to regulate and control science and technology
  • Their desire for information and consultation on changes to science and technology and policy decisions
  • Their view of the role of government in the funding and regulation of science and technology
  • The moral relationship between science, society and the individual

Key findings from the 2011 study include:
  • Victorians strongly support government funding of science, with only 6% agreeing that funding should be cut because the money can be better spent elsewhere.
  • Fewer Victorians in 2011 than 2007 believe that the government needs to keep a close eye on science (74% vs. 81%).
  • Only around four in ten Victorians (41%) feel at least fairly well informed about the way in which science is regulated.

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